Angela Vichitbandha


I'm currently a second year PhD student at NC State University, studying pure mathematics.
I mostly grew up in Lexington, KY and completed my B.S. in math at the University of Kentucky in May 2020. There, I was involved in the undergrad math lab and have projects linked below. In addition, I participated in an REU at James Madison University, additional info also linked below.


I am a TA for MA 242 Calculus III in fall 2021. My office hours are 12-1 on Mondays and 4-5 on Wednesdays and the zoom link is available on the class Moodle page.


During summer 2019, my REU group studied abelian sandpiles/critical groups on strongly regular graphs. Further information can be found here.
Our work contributed to a paper which can be accessed here on ArXiv.
I was part of two projects in the University of Kentucky Undergraduate Math Lab.
From summer to fall 2018, I worked on computations in tropical geometry where we studied "well-poised" hypersurfaces.
Our resulting publication is accessible here on ArXiv.
From spring 2019 to spring 2020, I was part of a group that conducted experiements with geometry and algebra in the Heisenberg group. We looked at asymptotic growth of geometric objects under the non-commutative operation defined by the discrete Heisenberg group, using computational methods and ideas from Ehrhart Theory.

Mathematical Quilts

Another project I was involved in at the UK undergrad math lab was creation of mathematical quilts. We designed these quilts to be visually interesting and garner attention, including from those not necessarily too interested in math. Some of them have also been displayed at the art gallery at the Joint Math Meetings!
Hyperbolic Plane/Poincare Disk
Partition from Brill-Noether Theory
Seive of Eratosthenes-Like 29 by 29 Grid
Multiplication table of S4
Additional photos of quilts (and info on research projects) can be found at In addition, if you're interested in creating math quilts with a group too, there is a tutorial on the website.